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American Cocker Spaniel Personality traits and Temperament

They are a trustworthy, even tempered, cheerful and gentle breed of dogs. Well bred dogs are a delight to have around the house and a lot of people cherish having them as house pets. They are very intelligent and obedient dogs and are very respectful of its master’s authority. They are very good for households that have children and other pets provided they are socialised at a very young age.

They are well suited for apartment living and need only moderate exercises which can be given by taking them for short walks. They were bred to be hunters so they will chase birds and rabbits, so it is always advisable to put them on a leash while walking them. They are very attached to their owners and can suffer separation anxiety and panic attacks when they are separated from them.

They are extremely sociable and can make good friends with visiting relatives and friends. They also make good therapy dogs. They are more likely to make friends with strangers and so they do not make very good guard dogs.

The breed is of a sensitive temperament and does not usually respond well to harshness or rough play. They can be very nervous and is prone to barking profusely when they are excited, bored or left alone for too long. They show submissive urinating behaviour quite frequently.

Due to the popularity of this breed, people have been breeding them unscrupulously. As a result a lot of genetic problems as well as traits that are uncharacteristic to the breed have developed. The dogs from backyard breeders can show a lot of behavioural issue like over excitability, aggression, rage, etc. So while buying a Cocker Spaniel always do your research and identify respectable breeders to buy from.

Grooming, Haircuts and Shedding

This breed has a characteristic thick wavy coat that gives them a very beautiful appearance. The breed comes with intense and expensive grooming requirements and all potentials owners must bear that in mind. A daily brushing of the coat is essential as this helps to untangle the coat and also prevents matting. It is advisable to use the services of a professional groomer once every month. The breed has a characteristic odour and daily grooming helps to keep it under control. Breeds are more than average shedders and the daily brushing also helps to get rid of the loose hairs.

Breeds are extremely prone to ear infections and other skin infections. So regular checking of the ears and skin must be done. Trimming of hairs around eyes and also around the ears must be done. Eyes should be cleaned regularly to remove tear stains.

Size and Characteristics

Price Range: this dog for sale may cost between $600- $800

Life expectancy: the life span is generally of about 12-15 YEARS

Weight: 24 to 28 pounds

Height: 14-16 inches

Colors: Black, Red, Tan, Silver, Brown, Tri-colour one of which is white

How to Train this dog

A well bred and trained Cocker Spaniel is a perfect family dog and a pleasure to have around. But improper training and care can result in a very temperamental and neurotic dog in your hands. Therefore adult dogs must be chosen from reputed breeders and puppies if bought should be trained at a very early stage. Start training the puppy from the day it is brought home as breeds are very intelligent they can learn a variety of commands that is given to them. Obedience classes are recommended for this playful breed. The puppies can exhibit teething symptoms and can gnaw at anything indiscriminately. They must be trained out of this habit early or kiss your favourite carpet goodbye. Providing appropriate chew toys will help to get rid of this habit. Early socialisation with members of the family is also essential especially if there are children and other pets. These dogs can be compulsive barkers and so training methods need to be focussed to keep this vice under control.

A reward based training system works very well with these dogs. As these dogs are very playful and have short attention spans, long sessions are not suited for them. Try and make their training short, fun and intense. This breed can be difficult to housebreak, with a little time and patience the owners can work wonders with this breed.

Health Issues and Food

Diet: They are hearty eaters and are prone to overeating. Often due to their lovable nature owners indulge them with treats and biscuits. They are also food thieves and can raid your pantry or make away with leftovers and table scraps. The dogs can be maintained on dry food or raw food. They have a tendency to gulp down their food so avoid small bones.

Allergies: Low quality dog food that has a lot of grains and other fillers have been shown to cause skin rashes and hair loss. Contact allergies to certain beddings, flea powders and shampoos are also shown.

Health problems: This breed is susceptible to a variety of skin conditions like seborrhoea, pyoderma, etc. Eye problems can be an issue with this breed. Cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and glaucoma are commonly seen. Due to its droopy ears breed is highly prone to ear infections. Breeds also commonly suffer from hypothyroidism, autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, dilated cardiomyopathy and urolithiasis.

Mixed breeds

Bocker Spaniel They are a result of cross breed between a Beagle and a Cocker Spaniel. These are very lovable and charming dogs with the appearance like a Cocker Spaniel and face like a Beagle.

Cock A Chon it is produced by cross breeding between a Bichon Frise and a Cocker Spaniel. These are gentle family dogs and is a good fit for owners looking for cheerful, intelligent, loving, and loyal pets.

Afghan Spaniel It is a cross breed between Afghan Hound and Cocker Spaniel purebreds. They have great sense of smell and can be used a trackers.

Best female and male dog names

You can name your American Cocker Spaniel as Gunner or Fuzzy if he is a male and Roxy or Dixie if she is a female.

How to adopt this dog

You can also browse a specific site to adopt a American Cocker Spaniel

Pictures and Videos

American Cocker Spaniel puppy

Photo Credits: Craig Pemberton, Deskana