American Hairless Terrier

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American Hairless Terrier Personality traits and Temperament

These breeds of dogs are highly intelligent, energetic, playful and jovial. They love snuggling with their owners and are very dedicated pets. They are excellent pets for families with children, provided they are socialised early. They make very good apartment pets and do well with a daily walk and moderate exercise.

The breed is typically wary of strangers and they make good watchdogs as they will bark to alert their family to visitors and out of the ordinary sounds. They are very feisty and they need to be convinced that a stranger on the premises is not a threat to the family. They take their own time to warm up to visiting relatives and friends.

Like all terriers they have a very inquisitive nature and any new smell, sound or sight can interest them. They have a tendency to dig and if left unsupervised can dig up you garden. Due to the absence of coat such escapades often result in bruised and cut skin.

They do not tolerate extreme climate. They are very prone to hot climates and have a tendency to sweat unlike other dogs. They also need to be protected from the cold with a blanket or sweater.

They are not very good swimmers and are not that fond of water. In houses with pools in the backyard, a close supervision is needed when the dogs are let out.

Grooming, Haircuts and Shedding

These breeds come in two varieties, hairless and coated. The hairless puppies are born with fine hairs that disappear by 8 weeks leaving the puppy hairless. Coated dogs have short, dense hair which can come in a wide range of colours and colour combinations.

They are low maintenance dogs and do not have heavy grooming requirements. The major requirement is to protect the skin from sunburns. Lotions have to be applied regularly to prevent the skin from drying out. Regular bathing is recommended. Only mild soaps and shampoos are advisable. Trimming of the nails have to be done monthly.

Size and Characteristics

Price Range: this dog for sale may cost between $300 – $500

Life expectancy: the life span is generally of about 12 -16 YEARS

Weight: 5-16 pounds

Height: 7-16 inches

Colors: Variety of colours and patterns with white

How to Train this dog

Even though, they are highly trainable dogs with an eager to please attitude, they can be quite stubborn at times. They have to be socialised at a very early age to other members of the family. The owner has to assert his leadership and be firm with the dogs. Obedience training which stresses on positive reinforcement techniques are recommended. The breed does not respond well to criticism or harsh training methods. Crate training is very helpful for housebreaking.

Health Issues and Food

Diet: As they are very active dogs, they require high quality dry food or raw food. Adding fish oil to the diet can help improve the skin condition.

Allergies: Hypoallergenic. This breed is extremely suited for people suffering from dog allergies. The breed itself can be susceptible to contact allergies especially to certain types of fabric.

Health problems: They are an extremely healthy breed of dogs and do not suffer from the genetic disorders that other hairless breeds suffer from. Due to the absence of a coat the skin often gets bruised and cut. These need to be regularly tended to. Sunburns and drying up of the skin are also very common.

Mixed breeds

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Best female and male dog names

You can name your American Hairless Terrier as Gyro or Bailey if he is a male and Oreo or Ava if she is a female.

How to adopt this dog

You can also browse a specific site to adopt a American Hairless Terrier

Pictures and Videos

 American Hairless Terrier puppy

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