Glen of Imaal Terrier

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Glen of Imaal Terrier Personality traits and Temperament

They are very active terriers who can also be laid back and relaxed. They are spirited, patient and devoted little dogs. Even though small in size Glens have the temperament of larger dogs. They are not aggressive but can be very feisty and will never turn down a fight. They are very apartment friendly dogs and have only moderate exercise needs. Once given their daily exercise needs they are content to snuggle by your side.

They are generally good with older children but can be very rambunctious and for younger children. Because of their sturdy build they can knock down younger kids. They do not fare well with other animals and is not fit for a household with other pets. They have very strong prey drive and will chase cats, rabbits, squirrels and other vermin. This habit is hard to get rid of no matter how very well trained these dogs are. Therefore do not trust your cat around Glens.

Like all terriers, Glens are also good diggers and so must be constantly scrutinised when they are out in the lawn. A fenced yard is essential as they have extreme wanderlust tendencies. Also they are very poor swimmers and should not be left alone near pools.

They are not friendly to strangers and make good watchdogs. Even though they are not as yappy as other terriers, but when excited these dogs can really make a lot of noise.

Grooming, Haircuts and Shedding

They are very easy to groom and maintain. These breeds are characterised by a harsh top coat and a soft undercoat. They are very low shedders a regular brushing can help get rid of the loose hairs. Do not bathe him frequently as the coat can get softer and the dogs lose their scruffy looks. The cost does not need to be trimmed. Ears should be checked weekly for redness or a bad odour, which can indicate an infection. Brush the teeth at least twice weekly to avoid tartar build up. Trim nails once or twice a month if your dog doesn’t wear them down naturally.

Size and Characteristics

Price Range: this dog for sale may cost between $500 – $800

Life expectancy: the life span is generally of about 12-15 YEARS

Weight: 32 – 40 pounds

Height: 12 – 14 inches

Colors: Wheaten, Blue Brindle

How to Train this dog

Training is relatively easy as the dogs are very eager to learn. Repetitive training can cause the dogs to lose focus so ideally the training must be fun and there must be variety. They have an independent and stubborn streak, therefore training should always be based on positive reinforcement. Always be patient with these dogs while training. His digging habits are hard to curtail, therefore teaching him to dig at one particular area of the garden will spare your flowerbeds and vegetable patches.

Health Issues and Food

Diet: Like most terriers Glens also love to eat. Due to their small frame obesity is a huge issue and therefore avoid overfeeding them. They can be maintained on diet of high quality dry food or balanced home cooked meals.

Allergies: Skin related allergies

Health problems: Generally they are a healthy breed. They can suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and Von Willebrande’s disease. Eye disorders like progressive retinal atrophy and cataract are also common.

Mixed breeds

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Best female and male dog names

You can name your Glen of Imaal Terrier as Alpha or Barney if he is a male and Ezra or Honey if she is a female.

How to adopt this dog

You can also browse a specific site to adopt a Glen of Imaal Terrier

Pictures and Videos

Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy

Photo Credits: Pleple2000,Scoo