Klein German Spitz

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Klein German Spitz Personality traits and Temperament

They are bright, intelligent lively dogs with an adorable demeanour. They are also very bold and ready to take on any challenge for the owner. They are excellent jumpers and love to stand on their hind legs. They enjoy the attention given to them by the owners and enjoy human company a lot. They do not need a lot of exercise and but a proper exercise regimen should be set so that they can burn their energy and be kept occupied. If they get bored they have a tendency to be destructive.

They are very curious dogs and love to explore new things. It will be hard to contain his excitement whenever he has found anything that interests him. They are notorious for their food snatching and stealing abilities. Therefore it is not a good idea to leave food around when these dogs are in the house.

They are good with older children but not great around toddlers. They are nervous around small children and can growl and snap at them. Under proper guidance the children can be taught to handle these dogs gently, which will allow them to coexist. The spitz gets along well with other dogs and cats.

They are extremely alert dogs and make good watchdogs. They will bark and bring the house down when a stranger is present. Often the barking is excessive and irritating t o the owners. They are also very suspicious of visitors and may take time to warm upto them.

Grooming, Haircuts and Shedding

They have a medium length coat and are low to medium shedders. Males tend to shed once a year and bitches twice a year – this is when most of the hair will be shed. They need to be brushed regularly, if possible daily. This prevents matting and tangling. Trimming is not recommended as the hair may lose its texture. They are clean dogs and baths should be given only when required. Tear stains are a major issue with these dogs and these should be regularly looked into. Other basic grooming tips include trimming nails and proper ear care

Size and Characteristics

Price Range: this dog for sale may cost between $400-$600

Life expectancy: the life span is generally of about 14-18 YEARS

Weight: 18-22 pounds

Height: 9-11inches

Colors: Black, white, cream, brown, orange, sable, gold and blue

How to Train this dog

Even though they are very intelligent and have the ability to learn quickly, training them is no easy task. They can be very stubborn and temperamental when it comes to training. Using the right methods, they can be taught to do any number of things and will tackle tasks with enthusiasm.

Health Issues and Food

Diet: This breed do not seem to suffer from any digestive problems so will eat any type of dog food. It is best not good to feed too high a protein.

Good nutrition is essential for the coat to achieve its full potential and choosing a well balanced diet is obviously important for this. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids should be a part of the diet if home cooked meals are given.

Allergies: Susceptible to contact and aerosol allergens

Health problems: They are a very healthy breed and are comparatively free of ailments. They can suffer from patellar luxation and epilepsy. Overshot or undershot jaw maybe another recurring problem

Mixed breeds

No records available

Best female and male dog names

You can name your Klein German Spitz as Pat or Max if he is a male and Lola or Ellie if she is a female.

How to adopt this dog

You can also browse a specific site to adopt a Klein German Spitz

Pictures and Videos

 Klein German Spitz puppy

Photo Credits: Hégésippe Cormier,André Lage Freitas