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Welsh Terrier Personality traits and Temperament

Welshies are spirited, alert, intelligent, friendly.They are a happy, lively and inquisitive, and are normally outgoing to people. They are affectionate towards their owners, however are a bundle of energy and require at least an hour of exercise. They like playing outdoors and have a tendency to dig so they must be under constant supervision. They can be a very noisy breed to have around and apartment dwellers must take this into consideration.

They are very fond of toys and will burn off ample energy playing by himself with his favourite squeaky toy. They can also make an excellent jogging companion, though their high prey drive means you should keep him leashed on walks.

They are a loving dog who can be patient when they need to be. They are also very hardy and can take in a fair amount of roughhousing. So they can be a very goo breed around children especially younger ones. They do not thrive well in a mixed pet household and are prone to chase cats and other small pets. They can also pick up fights with other dogs. Therefore early socialization is needed.

They are born watchdogs and will bark when they see or hear something suspicious.

Grooming, Haircuts and Shedding

Their coat has two layers. The outer coat is hard and wiry whereas the inner one is soft and short. They require a fair amount of grooming and may need the services of professional groomer every 6-8 weeks. They are a light shedding breed. The coat needs to be stripped at least twice a year. Their coat can also be kept trimmed. Other basic grooming includes teeth care, ear care and nail trimming.

Size and Characteristics

Price Range: this dog for sale may cost between $500 – $800

Life expectancy: the life span is generally of about 12-15 YEARS

Weight:20-22 pounds

Height: 15.5 inches

Colors: Grizzle & Tan, Black & Tan

How to Train this dog

They can also become bored easily, so requires an interesting training routine. Breaking training up with fun games, keeping it free of repetition, and giving him something to work for are excellent ways to get him more interested in training. Crate training is essential for proper house breaking.

Health Issues and Food

Diet: The Welsh Terriers are to be fed food with fresh ingredients, without preservatives. They should have a proper balanced diet with vitamins and nutrients. The required food items include fish, poultry, mutton, cabbage, and potato. Avoid feeding avocado, citrus fruit, or white rice to them. 

Allergies: Hypoallergenic

Health problems: The Welsh Terriers are strong and sturdy animals .They remain healthy when given regular inspections. Some of the common ailments include allergies, epilepsy, glaucoma and hypoglycemia.

Mixed breeds

Wirelsh Terrier is a cross between the Welsh Terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier. They are non-aggressive, clam, affectionate, lively and playful dogs. They are friendly to people and other dogs. They bark less than normal but can be trusted as a watchdog.

Best female and male dog names

You can name your Welsh Terrier as Tiger or Buddy if he is a male and Foxie or Bailey if she is a female.

How to adopt this dog

You can also browse a specific site to adopt a Welsh Terrier

Pictures and Videos

Welsh Terrier puppy

Photo Credits: Shleiderbmx, Mikespooner